Founder’s Bio:

George Phillips is the principal consultant and founder of HavenSys Technologies, LLC.  He has worked in the networking industry since 1995.  Before founding HavenSys Technologies, LLC, he has held senior network design, operations and engineering positions at some of the largest telecoms and enterprises, including UUNet, Sprint, and Winstar.  He also held positions as CEO of HavenTech, Inc., and Director of Managed IT Services at IZ Technologies, Inc.  His experiences range from designing and deploying the largest internet backbone networks, to designing and implementing solutions for enterprise environments and large data centers.  He specializes in designing simple and elegant solutions for all levels of business.


The Company:

HavenSys Technologies, LLC, is a global network and systems consulting company that was founded on the principals of customer service.  We prefer to maintain a close relationship with our customers, and gage our own success based on the success of the organizations that we support.  We provide simple solutions that are cost-effective, scalable, and supportable.  We advocate IP network simplicity to our clients to enable their service portfolio, optimize their network, and to reduce the CAPEX/OPEX costs associated with the IP network lifecycle.  By applying Tier-1 best practices, we strive to achieve solutions that require the least amount of upkeep or maintenance.