Bridge the Gap Between Home and Office

We’ve come a long way in the past 50 years.  It used to be that a businesses required it’s workers onsite, in order to operate machinery or monitor business systems.  With the push for mobility, today’s technology allows us to operate the same machinery, produce deliverables and even have meetings from anywhere.  Nowadays it’s common, and even preferable to have your workforce in remote/virtual offices or even working from home full time.  It’s easy to see why this paradigm would be attractive for business when we consider the benefits:

  • Less physical office space is needed
  • Fewer desks, chairs, office equipment to keep up with
  • Less infrastructure is required to serve a smaller subset of employees
  • Greater agility of employees to be able to serve customer needs from anywhere at any time

This option is also attractive to employees because it gives them:

  • More home time with families
  • A relaxed working environment
  • Shorter commutes to the “office”

Unfortunately most businesses have a hard time implementing this kind of practice.  The biggest challenge is in a solution for getting these remote employees access to the corporate infrastructure required in order to do their jobs.  If the domain controllers, exchange servers, and other systems are located at the corporate office, how can your branch offices function?  The answer is Branch Office VPN’s (BOVPN).  This technology allows you to create a kind of virtual tunnel between your main corporate office and your remote locations.  For all intents and purposes, your remote employees will exist on your local network, regardless of their physical location!

Typical Branch Office VPN

HavenSys Technologies uses open-source products to provide a robust and highly scalable BOVPN service, allowing your company to take advantage of these new capabilities and enable your company to save money that could be better spent elsewhere.  Contact us to see how easy this solution would work for your company.