HavenSys Becomes a Zentyal Partner!

subheader-partnets1HavenSys Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce that we have become a registered parter of Zentyal S.L., the leader in small business server software.  As you might recall in a previous article, Microsoft® decided last year to drop their Small Business Server product.  Since that time, businesses have been scrambling to find a suitable replacement.  There are a number of choices out there, some better than others, but so far nothing can even come close to the full-featured Zentyal Server®.

Built on the Ubuntu Server Linux distribution, Zentyal Server is rock solid, fully supported, and offers every bell and whistle that previous SBS admins are used to, and then some.  Billed as a drop-in replacement for Microsoft Active Directory® and Exchange Server®, users can be seamlessly migrated over, and enjoy all the features they are used to (like Autodicover and ActiveSync®).

As a Zentyal partner, HavenSys is positioned to offer direct support for your enterprise server license purchases, deployments and migrations.  Let HavenSys Technologies help you migrate from Microsoft Small Business Server to Zentyal Server!




Zentyal® and Zentyal Server® are resistered trademarks of Zentyal S.L.
Microsoft®, Active Directory®, and Exchange Server® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Inc.

Exciting New Firewall Appliance Options!

Because pfSense® software is so feature-rich, it’s no surprise it has grown in popularity over the years.  No other firewall package comes close to offering feature-set that pfSense software provides in a standard install.  We’ve seen it deployed in small offices, as well as massive data centers across the world.  From their own website:

The pfSense project is a free network firewall distribution, based on the FreeBSD operating system with a custom kernel and including third party free software packages for additional functionality. Through this package system pfSense software is able to provide most of the functionality of common commercial firewalls, and many times more. It has successfully replaced every big name commercial firewall you can imagine in numerous installations around the world

Although the software is available to download for free, until now only drawback was that you had to supply your own hardware.  For most this isn’t a huge problem (compute resources are inexpensive and the software runs on just about anything), but having a known supported hardware configuration is always a benefit to a growing enterprise.  This is why we are excited to announce the availability of three different options from Netgate® for a fully supported pfSense firewall system:



Netgate C2758
The Netgate C2758 1U rack system is a state of the art Network Firewall Router Appliance, featuring the low-power Silvermont microarchitecture and the Intel® Atom™ C2000 (Rangeley) family SoC.  The C2758 8-core SoC features a high level of I/O and acceleration integration and optimal performance per watt. The Netgate 2758 with pfSense software delivers a high performance, high throughput front-line security architecture at a phenomenally low price per gigabit.  (Product Page)



Netgate FW-7541
Compact firewall with Dual Core Intel Atom D525 and six GigE network ports Built to Order: Choose 2 or 4GB memory, CF or SSD to suit your application.  (Product Page)



Netgate APU2
The Netgate APU2 firewall is a powerful embedded firewall/router system that provides excellent protection for your SOHO, Small Office and Remote Location networks.   Features superior flexibility of pfSense software and good performance at an insanely low price point compared to other commercially available firewalls.  (Product Page)


Each of these options comes with a one year warranty, 30-day return policy, and one free year of premium Netgate support.  Whether you choose an official appliance, or wish to use your own hardware, HavenSys Technologies can install, configure, and support the firewall option that works best for your enterprise.  Contact us today to see how you can leverage our services to fully enable your business network and computing infrastructure.


pfSense® is a registered trademark of Electric Sheep Fencing, LLC http://www.pfsense.org
Netgate® is a  registered trademark of Rubicon Communications, LP, http://www.netgate.com

Zentyal – A drop-in replacement for SBS!

zentyal_guyBack in 2013, Microsoft® discontinued their Small Business Server. Since then, there’s been a mad dash by small businesses to find an acceptable replacement. Nothing that SBS did was particularly “magical,” and most functionality could easily be achieved with custom Linux implementations (Ubuntu Server, CentOS, etc.)

The real trick is to provide a single interface for small business admins who don’t have the time or desire to learn to configure each and every network service. There are a number of open-source alternatives out there, but none really offered the groupware capabilities that Exchange server (bundled with SBS) provided.

Until now.

Zentyal® is a Linux distro based on Ubuntu Server, that provides a great administrative front-end for easy configuration and management. It also serves as a drop-in replacement for Exchange® server. So you can have all the groupware functionality that you once had with SBS, but with the extra benefit of not being tied to Microsoft!

Havensys Technologies, LLC. has been testing Zentyal Server version 3.3 and I have to say that it is impressive. There is no IPv6 support yet, but the developer claims it is coming soon. If you are looking for a simple-to administer open-source SBS replacement, this is certainly worth looking into. You can download the server distro at:



Zentyal® is a registered trademark of Zentyal S.L. http://www.zentyal.com
Microsoft® and Microsoft Exchange® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation 

HavenSys Enables Local Business

Being a small business, it’s always been important to us to support other local businesses.  This includes working with business owners to provide them the best and cleanest IT design possible.  Recently we were involved in the network deployment of a local restaurant in Arlington, VA, while the physical location was still in the process of being built!

For physical plant engineering, this is an ideal situation.  Not having walls and barriers in place gave us the flexibility to put network drops wherever the client desired. The open ceiling allowed us the access to run the cables in a very neat and organized way, avoiding the pitfalls that can present themselves in a post-build environment.  Once the walls went up, it was a simple process to terminate the cables and install the jacks.

In the back office, all the cables were neatly terminated onto patch panels, the firewall and all the servers were installed in high racks, maximizing the usable space in the office.  A multi-line VOIP phone system was installed, connecting the stations on the floor to the back office, and connecting the restaurant to the world.  Finally, a VPN solution was deployed, allowing the management to connect to the local network from anywhere.

In all, the IT deployment took very little time to go from zero to hero.  They were able to open on time, knowing that all their IT systems were functioning well.  We wish them the best, and look forward to working with them in the future!