HavenSys Enables Local Business

Being a small business, it’s always been important to us to support other local businesses.  This includes working with business owners to provide them the best and cleanest IT design possible.  Recently we were involved in the network deployment of a local restaurant in Arlington, VA, while the physical location was still in the process of being built!

For physical plant engineering, this is an ideal situation.  Not having walls and barriers in place gave us the flexibility to put network drops wherever the client desired. The open ceiling allowed us the access to run the cables in a very neat and organized way, avoiding the pitfalls that can present themselves in a post-build environment.  Once the walls went up, it was a simple process to terminate the cables and install the jacks.

In the back office, all the cables were neatly terminated onto patch panels, the firewall and all the servers were installed in high racks, maximizing the usable space in the office.  A multi-line VOIP phone system was installed, connecting the stations on the floor to the back office, and connecting the restaurant to the world.  Finally, a VPN solution was deployed, allowing the management to connect to the local network from anywhere.

In all, the IT deployment took very little time to go from zero to hero.  They were able to open on time, knowing that all their IT systems were functioning well.  We wish them the best, and look forward to working with them in the future!