The Problem:

More and more marine electronics and devices require internet connectivity. In addition to all the devices in your helm stations, you and your family also have personal devices that require internet connectivity (tablets, TV’s, laptops, streaming devices). Maintaining internet connectivity from place to place has always been a challenge for marine vessel owners and operators. It becomes increasingly time-consuming and frustrating to reconfigure each and every device when your local WiFi network options change.

The Solution:

The NorthStar System allows the vessel owner/operator to provide one single permanent WiFi LAN network for all onboard devices, while providing up to 3 different WAN internet connections in a failover configuration. While at the dock, your vessel could be using a wired cable modem service for internet access. Once you leave the dock, your WAN internet service will automatically and seamlessly failover to marina WiFi and/or LTE cellular. Your onboard devices will never need to be reconfigured to change LAN WiFi networks again, and your connectivity will be uninterrupted.

The NorthStar System allows you to:

  • Stream internet TV content while underway or at destination ports
  • Maintain connectivity to home office (VPN)
  • Keep all devices on one uninterrupted vessel WiFi network
  • Use destination WiFi networks as internet transport
  • No more changing WiFi networks on your devices
  • Automatic failover and prioritizing of internet services
  • Monitor internet usage, and secure your onboard WiFi LAN

We also offer active monitoring and management of your NorthStar System.

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