IPv6 Readiness

ipv4-exhaustionThe pool of available IPv4 address space is rapidly depleting.  Once it is depleted, the only option left for organizations who are not IPv6 ready will be the open market.  When all of the IPv4 space is finally exhausted, we expect to see a great demand for IPv6.  This will likely result in large numbers of backlogged requests for IP space, leaving many organizations unable to function until the registries catch up.  The days of IPv4 are coming to an end, and your organization needs to be prepared.  Because IPv6 is such a different protocol, the transition involves more than just renumbering your networks.  Many questions must first be addressed.  Some of these are:

  • Do your network and storage hardware vendors support IPv6?
  • Do all of your server and end-users software suites support IPv6?
  • What about address planning?
  • Will you be multi-homed?
  • What routing protocols will you use?
  • What will you use to manage the massive amounts of network space available in IPv6?
  • Will you require network translation?
  • IPv6 has no concept of “private addressing”.  How will you secure your networks?

We will work with your IT department to create and implement an IPv6 transition plan, so that you are ready before it’s too late.  You can have the piece of mind of knowing that your organization is completely functional on IPv6.