IT Consulting

Industry Proven Best Practices
Today’s highly competitive market requires organizations to be extremely efficient and agile.  Organizations that do not have these traits will run into scaling problems, high customer turn-over, and an assortment of day-to-day challenges which will only worsen as time goes on.  These difficulties are avoidable by employing a set of IT industry best practices in your organization.  These practices have been developed over the course of 20+ years, and are the standard for nearly all major IT players.  Whether you are just starting out, or find that you need to add efficiency to your existing IT organization, HavenSys Technologies can help you put your IT organization on the right path.

IPv6 Deployment and IPv4/IPv6 Transition Technologies
The time remaining to claim new IPv4 address space has nearly ended. Transitioning to IPv6, the next generation Internet Protocol, is critical from a business continuity perspective. HavenSys Technologies can enable your IP infrastructure for IPv6 and establish the appropriate transition mechanisms to protect your existing investment.  Don’t wait until the last minute.  Your organization will certainly benefit by being prepared for this inevitable transition.

MPLS/VPN Design & Implementation
MPLS/VPNs allow enterprise customers to move away from frame relay and private line network to an all-IP network while maintaining the security derived from a private network. Enterprise customers can realize significant savings in migrating without needing significant training for their IT staff. The complexity of routing and Quality of Service is offloaded to the provider. Whether you are a customer looking to migrate to an MPLS/VPN service, or a service provider preparing to offer MPLS/VPN service to your customers, HavenSys Technologies will design and implement cost effective and highly available virtual private networks.

IP Network Strategy
Aligning your network infrastructure with business objectives requires much more than a network design that is updated once a year. A meaningful strategy takes a more holistic approach. Some examples include the following.

  • Network scalability
  • OPEX/CAPEX considerations
  • Vendor roadmap alignment
  • Network Operations & Engineering
  • Industry direction

HavenSys Technologies will work with your engineers and management to develop a technically and financially sound IP network strategy.

IP Network Design
HavenSys Technologies firmly believes in designing simple and elegant solutions for your IP networks. By using design simplicity, superfluous features and hardware are eliminated and you are well-positioned to realize a minimal cost per bit and high network availability. Simply designed IP networks exhibit the following properties.

  • Easy to build, maintain and operate
  • Rely on standard, repeatable implementations for scaling purposes
  • Enable flexible responses to technology advances
  • Optimize redundancy and survivability

Complexity is the enemy of network design. It is the primary driver of OPEX and CAPEX. Contact HavenSys Technologies for the development of IP network designs that reduce or eliminate network complexity.

Network Technology Introduction
The explosion in bandwidth presents scaling challenges to expanding networks. Technologies that were first implemented in service provider networks are often needed to grow the network. Some examples include the following.

  • Carrier-class routing equipment
  • Graceful Restart and Non-stop Routing
  • IPv6
  • BGP, IS-IS, OSPF, and OSPFv3
  • 10G, 40G, and 100G Ethernet
  • Optical DWDM Networking

HavenSys Technologies will work with your engineers and management to successfully migrate to new technologies as needed.

Vendor and Brand Agnosticism
One of the greatest dangers to IT organizations is dependency on a single hardware or software vendor’s proprietary systems and tools.  Once an organization falls into this trap, it only becomes more difficult to get out of it over time.  HavenSys Technologies believes in adhering to ratified open standards-based technologies, allowing an organization to freely switch between hardware and software vendors as needed.  Let HavenSys Technologies help your organization find the right tool for the job, every time.

Network Monitoring and Management
Designing and building your network is just the beginning.  In today’s high-availability world, an operator must be aware of everything happening within the network.  Without this vital information, failures may occur that could leave customers down for extended periods of time – without any warning.  Properly deployed network monitoring and management allows an operator to proactively detect problems, and fix them before they become critical outages.  HavenSys Technologies customers can take advantage of industry-leading network monitoring and log aggregation.

Open Source Alternatives
HavenSys Technologies believes in the power of the Open Source movement.  There are many great Open Source products out there today that perform much better and are more affordable than their closed proprietary competitors.  In the IT world, there is almost always more than one way to achieve a goal.  HavenSys Technologies will show you what alternatives are our there, help you decide on the right tool or product to fit the needs of your organization, and help you deploy it in a timely manner.