Servers and Storage
Having your own infrastructure used to mean racks and racks of servers and storage.  Along with that, there was the need for large amounts of space, power, and cooling for all of this equipment.  This could quickly become cost-prohibitive, preventing an organization from growing.   With the advent and maturity of virtualization, these challenges can be easily overcome.  Coupled with the varieties of high capacity servers and network storage that are flooding the market, it may be possible to shrink those racks of servers down into a single physical device!  In addition, today’s hypervisor ecosystem makes managing and maintaining these servers a snap!

Once you have your own virtualization solution, you can leverage it to provide desktop services to your users.  High end desktop systems can be expensive to purchase and time-consuming to maintain.  These can be replaced by virtual desktops running on thin clients throughout your office, giving your users the ability to access their desktops from anywhere – even their home – while you enjoy the security of knowing that all user files are stored in a central location.

There are many ways to implement these kinds of solution, but there are just as many pitfalls along the way.  It’s important to capitalize on the experience of those who have already designed robust and reliable solutions compliant with industry best practices.  Let HavenSys Technologies design a solution for your organization that meets your requirements and budget.